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"Dubin gives Bobbie a scary, compressed energy and an awful, yawning need." - Helen Shaw, TimeOut New York

NY premiere by Alex Lubischer
directed by Will Davis
@ Roundabout Theater


"None of it would work without emotionally vulnerable performances from the actors. Dubin delivers a particularly astounding portrayal of Bobbie... the sound of his footsteps behind your chair is enough to give you chills. This is despite his gaunt frame and sheepish smile. It seems impossible that this pale, scrawny kid could kill anyone — but we know he did. - Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania

world premiere by Dan LeFranc
directed by Daniel Aukin
@ Playwrights Horizons

"Ethan Dubin as the glowering, taciturn teenager Tate, who displays unexpected talents in the desert sequence... Life often seems to be set on pause during the three leisurely, impeccably acted hours of 'Rancho Viejo'" 
 - Ben Brantley, NYTimes

"The performers are astounding and work as a riveting ensemble. Ethan Dubin, as Tate, gives you gooseflesh when he skulks into view. He has incredible focus as a performer and the most soulful eyes that hint at past trauma. His act 3 expressionism is heartbreaking, dark, and disturbing." - NY Theatre Guide

"Such semi-absurdist tactics could be deadly with mediocre actors or clueless design, but director Daniel Aukin’s immaculate production shines with a smashing cast" - David Cote, TimeOut New York

@ Barrington Stage Company

"Ethan Dubin is distressingly sympathetic as nerdy, doomed D and horror-movie alarming in a climactic cameo as D’s disabled brother."  -The Valley Advocate

"Dubin does a great job as the helpless idiot savant whose unsuspicious nature is his own undoing. He is a male Jane Eyre, really, never seeing the reality for what it is until the only possible solution is flight when it is too late. It’s a terrific performance of a keystone role."  
-The Berkshire Edge

"So when a very good Ethan Dubin, as the prisoner Earl Holub, describes being accosted by a Nazi-sympathizing Chicago cop — “I saw in his face the Nazi killing my father . . . that face was not supposed to be in America,” he says — it’s a moving piece of drama"  -The Boston Globe

His Girl Friday
(newly adapted by John Guare)
@ Barrington Stage Company

Earl Holub is played to whiny perfection by Ethan Dubin. As the escaped convict Dubin has a great speech and a lot of strange stuff to do and say and everytime it is his turn you care absolutely captivated by the man. I found myself actually praying for the reprieve it seems this man should get.  -The Berkshire Edge

"Ethan Dubin as Earl Holub is riveting. In a few words he challenges civic authorities, stands up for American values, puts the country on trial for its neutrality in Europe and its treatment of his people, indicts a police officer for fascism, and tells his own story."  -ArtsFuse Boston Arts Magazine

Sixty Miles to Silver Lake @ Collaboraction, Chicago

Dubin embodies the conflicted blend of awe and embarrassment a teenage boy feels for his dad; he also pulls off an impressive shape-shifting act, keeping pace with LeFranc’s pliable chronology. -TimeOut Chicago*
*TimeOut Chicago interview for Performer of the Week

As the awkward teen, Ethan Dubin is a revelation, eerily embodying every bit of unease and testosterone-ridden restlessness befitting a boy of his age. Reminiscent of actor Daniel Stern, Dubin’s extraordinary reactions – sighs, eye-rolling – elicited laughs from the audience that this dreary experience sorely needed. He is an exciting presence on the stage and most definitely an actor to watch. - Chicago Stage and Cinema

(photo: Mark Fellman)

(photo: Mark Fellman)